The Arterial 2019 – December Edition

It is hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner and we are coming to the end of another year. The last twelve months have been exciting, and at times challenging for MFE as we introduce our new online learning materials, as well as update our face-to face programs. MFE staff have been busy attending and sponsoring industry conferences, conducting Melbourne and interstate workshops, graduating students, writing blogs and building our student cohort to our largest group on record (and still growing!).

2020 for MFE promises to be another action-packed year, with the introduction of new online short courses for people wanting to enter the funeral industry and those starting in a funeral company. Watch this space for further updates!

Student news

This month MFE welcomes new students Sarah Rabel (VIC) and Katherine Eaton (WA).

We would also like to extend our congratulations to Lisa Liversage (NSW) and Denise Sanders (WA) who have just completed their Certificate IV in Embalming and are our newest MFE graduates. Well done Lisa and Denise!

Denise (right) after completing her final practical examination!

Three of our students attended their last MFE workshop in November, Laura Carter (NSW), Paul Carter (NSW) and Makayla McQueen (QLD) we wish them in the final. stages of their studies and exams.

Laura, Paula and Makayla attending their last Melbourne MFE workshop.

Food for thought ……..

As funeral workers, we know that funerals are an important rite of passage and an essential step in the grieving process, but more and more families are choosing to forgo the funeral as it has little relevance or any perceived value to them. Why is this so? How is it that our communities don’t have much understanding of what to do when a loved one dies?

It seems that the task of educating families about the role of a funeral falls on the funeral professional. We need to explain to them how a funeral can assist them through their grief, identify their support networks and help them find comfort in remembering, celebrating and honouring the life of their loved one through the music, symbols, eulogies, tributes and actions that occur at a funeral. To educate them before the loss of a loved one is the ideal time, but this can be challenging. I have been working in the field of death education for over thirty years and feel I have only made small inroads into educating our community. However, with the vast changes in technology over my time, our community can access a multitude of services and information online – including grief support and funeral information. The effects of all this information is yet to be determined, but I encourage you to explore ‘the web’ and see what you find, it will also give you some idea of what your families might be exploring – both the good and the bad.

To start you off, take at look at the American site enjoy! Feedback welcomed.

Fun was had at the November Melbourne workshops!

At the November Melbourne workshops MFE welcomed two new students to the group – Sarah Rabel (VIC) and Jolanda Kruit (QLD) . Head Tutor, Ian Warren never fails to surprise students with his unique interactive learning activities. During this workshop, students were taken on a theme park ride (complete with entry tickets and photo ID) through ‘THE HEART’.

On finishing the ride and successfully working their way through the heart, students were awarded an MFE scrub hat.
Students back to work in the MFE classroom after their adventure in “the Heart”!

BIE 2020 Annual Conference

The British Institute of Embalmers (Australasian Division) will be holding their Annual Conference for 2020 at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in Melbourne starting with a pre-conference tour/lecture on Thursday 6th February followed by an informal dinner. The main conference will be held across Friday 7th & Saturday 8th February and includes a mixture of lectures and hands on practical work in the skills laboratory.

For further information contact Tara Mackay on 0410667242 or email

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year with family and friends

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