The Arterial March 2019

February Student news:

New students join MFE

MFE are delighted to welcome Madeline Dallow (VIC), Courtney Staples (NSW), Daniel Lewis (NSW) and Karle Hammond (QLD) to our student cohort, as well as Alex Brauer (VIC) to his first workshop.

New students Daniel and Courtney with Alex (from Warrnambool)

Congratulations also to Khrystine Steele (WA) for completing her Certificate IV in Embalming !

BIE Australasian 2019 Conference a success!

In February, MFE were proud to be a sponsor of the 2019 Australasian Division British Institute of Embalming Annual Conference, which was held in Perth.

Ian Warren attended the conference on behalf of MFE

 As usual the Conference had a strong educational theme with a number of speakers and diverse topics.  One presentation in particular was fascinating, given by the Chair Tara Mackay and Vice Chair Chris McPhee on the disappearing ‘Pace Maker‘.  It was also interesting here from Pierre Erasmus , who for the last 7 years he has been teaching and coordinating both the New Zealand Diploma in Embalming and the New Zealand Diploma in Funeral Directing at Weltec NZ.

Pierre Erasmus. sharing his expertise.

 Apart from the formal sessions it is always good to catch up with friends and colleagues.  Many of our past students, as well as a couple of our current students attended the event. 

MFE past students, Robert Cepanovic and Janelle Chalmers practicing new skills!
Recently graduated student Jacqui Wright showing her work at the BIE Conference!

Not quite sure what past student Chris McPhee is up to with Peter Edwards?! Perhaps learning to tie a bow tie?!!
Great to see so many of our past and present MFE students from across Australia at these conferences.

MFE Students delighted to have industry leaders at the February workshops

Paul Costeldi from Hickeys, was a welcome visitor during our Thursday lunch break. Students always appreciate the opportunity to interact with members of our funeral industry and of course we had to make use of his visit for a photo shoot! Thanks Paul for dropping by – you are always welcome!

On the Friday and Saturday MFE workshops, guest presenters Craig Caldwell and Jan Fields from Dodge Chemicals joined us. Students found their presentations to be invaluable, as Craig and Jan shared their wealth of knowledge and skills both in the classroom and around the embalming table in the mortuary.

Craig Caldwell from Dodge Chemicals sharing his experiences.

MFE is truly grateful for the support and generosity of our suppliers in the funeral industry to our educational programs.

Georgina demonstrating her knowledge to tutor, Ian Warren.
Students at work!
Paul, from Dubbo, ended the day with “The I did GOOD at MFE AWARD”. which was hotly contested throughout the workshop!

As a member of the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice, I came across this article in their recent publication:-

“Sometimes as funeral directors we may feel that we have a thankless job. But we know the greatest moment for us is when a family tells us, “Thanks! We appreciate all that you did to make this situation easier for us.” And sometimes they tell us, “Thanks! We weren’t sure we wanted to see her again since she had been so sick, but she looks great.” We do what we do to serve others, but we also do what we do because we want to be the best. So at this time of the year, we pause to say “Thanks!”

T – Thanks for the TIME you give away from your own families to help others.

H – Thanks for the HEART that you share with your families & that you put into everything you do.

A – Thanks for the ART of making a deceased person look the best for that last viewing.

N – Thanks for the NIGHTS without sleep, making sure everything is taken care of.

K – Thanks for the KNOWLEDGE that you sharer about creating a final ceremony fitting for their loved one.

S – Thanks for the STYLE and grace with which you carry out your duties in caring for others.

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